Business Incubator Group Ukraine
We believe that developed small and medium enterprise, economically active Ukrainians are the key to the development of Ukraine.
BІG.U is
A community of entrepreneurs, business consultants and mentors who help entrepreneurs to grow their business.
Purpose-oriented programs for local business development.
With state and local public authorities, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions.
Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) to start and develop their own business.
Helps Pro Bono
Businessmen, experts, investors, student youth.
A platform that brings together
hours of consultations
20М+ ₴
You are an entrepreneur and strive for development
Work flow chart
Individual consultations
Apply for participation in BIG.U — the beginning of the Project
We analyze the business model: problems and growth points
Develop a “Work flow chart” for the improvement / development of your business
We form a group to support the Project (as a rule — from students and a mentor, an office employee)
We develop an individual schedule of consultations with experts and mentors
We organize personal meetings with dedicated expert for the Project
2-6 consultations from experts and current pro bono entrepreneurs according to the agreed schedule
The Project Support Team assists in gathering information or carrying out tasks
You can choose forms of cooperation with experts and mentors outside the BIG.U projects
We help to prepare a decent presentation of your business
We organize meetings with banks, investors, business community and other business entities
We assist in attracting of new partners
We help to expand the customer base
Involve the Project in the Kommerskhead media program
We organize publications on Internet resources and social networks
We create analytical and presentation materials about the Project at the initial and final stage of cooperation with the BIG.U team.
You are an expert and can help a business
Work flow chart
Communication and cooperation
Make 120 minutes of your personal time per month for Pro Bono consultations
Choose forms of cooperation with entrepreneurs outside the BIG.U projects
You can fly to experts, mentors, and businesses for support to implement your own projects
Participate (optional) in public and private events of Big.U
You can join the Big.U Business Community - a voluntary community of experts, business professionals who are partners of Big.U
Author's articles — on the BIG.U website and on the pages of the organization
Information on the participation of the expert in a separate project as part of the support of BIG.U is posted in publications about the business project according to the context
The business card of the expert with information about his specialty and qualification is posted in publications, on the websites of the organization, partners and in social networks
You choose projects for the expertise and mentoring support by yourself
Receive information about entrepreneurs and business projects corresponding to your professional profile
Join the BIG.U Expert Community
Choose a convenient schedule and format of consultations
At your discretion, involve professionals and assistants to provide quality assistance to the Project and give recommendations
Define the profile of MSME Projects and the characteristics of consultations
You are a student and strive for professional growth
Loyalty programs
Practice of solving real business situations
Work under the guidance of major experts
Career counseling: an opportunity to try yourself in different businesses
Use of preliminary work for credit, term / diploma paper
Participation in thematic communities, interesting projects, programs, events
Business contacts and useful acquaintances
Project portfolio and feedback from entrepreneurs
CV based on participation in projects
Letters of recommendation from BIG.U and experts
Discount plastic card - library card
Language courses
Coffee, food
Hostels, hotels in Ukraine
Become a member of the Expert Community yourself and provide with advice to entrepreneurs
Start your own business with the help of the BIG.U command
Get a profitable job with the support of BIG.U
Supervisory Board
Project application for participation in BIG.U
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